The Art of Doing Nothing

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The art of doing nothing is a photography series of 5 images that glorify and immortalize black bodies at rest. I use these unprotected black and brown bodies as the center of focus in my work making sure that the shots I take are holistically natural to their daily routine of rest to ensure that I am staying true to my mission. I keep the photos in black and white to symbolize that every subject is on a level playing of disadvantage, all knowing that they are all subject to answer for their lawful crimes of ‘nothingness’. I use this idea of rest in my work to symbolize this deprivation of calmness, peace, tranquility and stillness that every human has outlined in their entitled inheritance of rights. This a photographic protest to the crimination of black and brown doing ‘nothing’ and in that nothingness it takes many forms.



Jordan Avant

Highly creative and multi-talented Graphic Designer and Technical Artist with experience in web and multimedia applications, print design, drawing and photography. Outstanding collaborative and interpersonal skills. Passionate and inventive creator.

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